Love Me? Plate, 2008
13" x 2"
Carved Porcelain, Glaze

Welcome to Kathy King Art

In my work I use ceramic vessels, tiled furniture and printmaking, either separately or combined in installations, which present narratives from a woman’s point of view. My ultimate objective is to translate my own personal experience in relation to my culture, through narrative imagery on the utilitarian ceramic form. This presentation of personal narrative on ceramics through satirical humor, irony and sarcasm allows me to both celebrate and poke fun at my gender as well as myself.

All work is made with mid-range porcelain, that is then covered with a black clay slip and carved using a technique called sgraffito. This technique is similar to the same printmaking technique of carving wood or lineoleum.  Sgraffito is also a fancy word to describe "carving into clay".   The work is then fired twice with translucent glazes and often times go through additional firings for use of decals or china paint. All work is food safe as well as dishwasher and microwave safe unless noted.

If you are interested in purchasing work or arranging a lecture or workshop with me email at or call 781-690-5055.

Kathy King